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Ritrovo Truffle & Salt & Cheese Potato Chips 2.5oz

Ritrovo Truffle & Salt & Cheese Potato Chips 2.5oz

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Ritrovo brings refined and rustic together with our new potato chip collaboration with Food Truck phenomenon Slide Potato Chips. As Slide says, “The Best Chips come from the best potatoes”: their partner Heartland Farms in Hancock, Wisconsin. Heartland is a 5th generation farm that is fully engaged in sustainable farming practices.Pair that with the rustic restaurant-quality of Slide chips and the luxurious aromaticity of Ritrovo Selections Truffle & Salt & Cheese and a snack sensation is born.

Italian black truffle, rich Parmigiano Reggiano, and thick-cut, hand fried Heartland potatoes. These will soon become an aperitivo favorite served with Champagne, IPA ales, sparkling water or your favorite cocktail. Use as a Slide side for grilled meat of filet mignon, or crumpled atop your favorite grilled vegetables.

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