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Red Onion Sweet & Sour Jelly

Red Onion Sweet & Sour Jelly

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Ritrovo Red Onion Sweet & Sour Jelly

3.9 oz


Our Red Onion Sweet and Sour Jelly is a delicious pureed condiment made with sweet Tropea Onions and balsamic vinegar. Tropea onions are a mild and sweet red onion harvested in the special terroir of Tropea, located in southern Italy’s Calabria region. Their bulbous shape and striking flavor lends them the nickname “torpedo onions.” When combined with Modena balsamic vinegar, they create a delicious jelly made using a regionally-inspired recipe. With its traditional, homemade freshness, this jelly can be used in a number of dishes. Pair it with cheese or pate plates, add it to pork dishes, or lather it over baked potato with sour cream for a real gourmet treat.


Red Onion Sweet and Sour Jelly was made by I Peccati di Ciacco. With a passion for gastronomic tradition, they bring old world recipes to a worldwide audience, providing condiments made from truffles, balsamics, figs and other natural ingredients.


Ingredients: Italian red onion, sugar, Modena balsamic vinegar.

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